December 14, 2014

Visiting soldier can’t stay in wife’s apartment, landlord says

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Very sad that this family is being treated this way! I would think a bent rule wouldn’t kill the landlord, would it??

Q13 FOX News

Sergeant William Bolt says his wife's landlord won't let him husband stay at her apartment. Sergeant William Bolt says his wife’s landlord won’t let him husband stay at her apartment.

Central, SC (WHNS) — A soldier returning home for the holidays to see his wife and newborn baby in Central, South Carolina is being kicked out of his wife’s apartment after the landlord said he is overstaying the time allowed for visitors.

Sergeant William Bolt is stationed in Missouri, but his wife has been in Central. She gave birth to their daughter two weeks ago.

Bolt said the landlord at The Groves apartment complex in Central told him he had overstayed, saying visitors are not allowed to stay in the apartments past seven days, per the agreement signed by Bolt’s wife, Lily.

“I’m stationed in Missouri and we haven’t seen each other in six months. What’s the problem with me staying and visiting with my wife?” Bolt said.

The landlord, whose name is…

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